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Panama City Beach Flag Warning System

Green - Low Hazard
Conditions are favorable for swimming
Yellow - Medium Hazard
Red - High Hazard
Red Over Red - Danger
Water closed to public use
Purple - Marine Pest Present

Swim Tips

Swim near a lifeguard: Statistics show the chances of drowning at a beach with USLA-affiliated lifeguards on duty is one in 18 million.

Learn to swim: The best defense against drowning. Never swim alone. A buddy can help you if you get in trouble.

Don't fight the current: Rip currents are narrow and flow away from the beach. Swim parallel to the shore until you are out of the current.

Swim sober: Alcohol can reduce body temperature and impair swimming ability. Alcohol and drugs also impair judgment.

Leash your board: A surfboard or body board can be a life preserver, don't lose it. A breakaway leash will prevent entanglements with underwater obstructions.

Don't float where you can't swim: Coast Guard approved life jackets are OK, but inflatable devices can fail and falling off a raft can lead to quick drowning.

Don't dive headfirst: Hitting your head on the bottom or an obstruction can cause serious injury, including paralysis, or death.

Additional Safety Tips

Beach Safety

  1. Note color-coded flags for swimming conditions at the beach.
  2. Conserve the sand dunes and sea oats by not parking or driving on the beaches.
  3. Open fires are not permitted on the beach.
  4. No glass container on the beach.
  5. Balcony Climbing is against the law.
  6. Bring your insurance information for emergencies.

Sun Safety

  1. Tan in short intervals.
  2. Wear sun-block.
  3. Wear protective gear.
  4. Don't fall asleep in the sun.

Driving Safety

  1. Avoid passing cars on their right hand side.
  2. Avoid driving on unpaved shoulders.
  3. Right turns are permitted at red lights when traffic is clear.
  4. Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is prohibited (the legal age for purchase or possession of alcohol is 21.
  5. Driving with an open alcohol container in the vehicle is prohibited.
  6. Florida State Law requires that you must be 21 to purchase, consume or posses alcoholic beverages.
  7. Open alcoholic containers on public property, including streets, sidewalks, or inside a vehicle is prohibited.
  8. A person of legal age cannot sell or provide alcoholic beverages to any person underage